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How I tell a story through images.

Telling a visual story can take many forms, from creating images that are consistent which interconnect to a design and style that resonates with viewers. My aim is to capture not just action but also the beauty of the day.

At first i capture the details, the wedding venue it self is normally photographed, flowers, wedding rings, astmosphere are all captured to begin with. I then move on to the couples and guests and then thats where the story begins.

I make sure i take at least one image every 5-10 minutes so there is a flow of images that relate to eachother.

When it comes to editing i select the best images from each moment and i decide wheather an image needs to be in black and white to portray a certain emotion and focus in the viewer or in colour for a more honest view of the day.

This is my approach to story telling.

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